The legend says that in the times of Great Tenochtitlan , under the sight of its two eternal guards
- Popocatépetl and Iztaccíhuatl, the people Mexicas subjugated the Xochimilcas and the ruler Moctezuma 
ordered them to construct a flower garden on the lake or face death.
The Xochimilcas (who lived in the zona of Acalpixpan until 919 a.d.) fulfilled the order and created
unique 'floating gardens'  which consist of artificial islands made of trunks, earth,
mud and dry leaves while the planted ahuejote trees reinforcen the banks with its roots...
This unique agricultural system was invented by the Xochimilcas.
The main transport routes in Xochimilco are the canals, which today are full of colourful barges,
great and comfy to make fiestas on them.. :)