m o n t e  a l b a n,  m i t l a

".. Monte Albán was the capital city of the Zapotec .
The Pre-Hispanic name of Monte Albán, has not yet been defined.
Zapotec descendants claim that the hill used to be known as Dhauya quch or
'Hill of the Precious Stones'. On the other hand, Mixtecos named it Yucucui 'Green Hill' .
The place has been known as Monte Albán since the seventeenth century, because at that time,
this land belonged to a Spanish Lord named Monte Albán or Montalban.
.. Mitla was the second most important ceremonial centre after Monte Albán.
The word Mitla or 'Mictlan' comes from Náhuatl , which means 'World of the Dead' or 'Underworld'.
In Zapotec, it is called 'Lyobaa ', which means 'Burial Ground'.
Aztecs named it 'Mitlan' (World of the Dead) until it finally evolved to the Spanish version: Mitla. .."